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Ok, I did some new imaging, Tell me what you think!


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That sound FX in the middle does not fit, that would be more for radio imaging, same with the last fx you used. Generally, commercials either have a single music bed, or ambience. The only effects that should be inserted are those that have to do with the ad. Other than that, you have a great sounding voice, and good production skills, so I think you'll make it in this field :)


I recommend getting a voice coach though, so you can get a professionally produced demo reel to send out to ad agencies. Most of my work is contract work through these companies, my website is generally for internet stations :P



Maybe a talent agency is in your area? Once you get with a voice coach, give the demo reel to the agent :)


Hope this has helped.




Jon Bova


"Successful people have libraries. The rest have big screen TVs. - Jim Rohn"

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Hi Leaf,

I totaly agree with JB


Review :

- except both SFX elements you use 2 noise elements (walkie talkie) ... to Me as non-native English speaker they are difficult to understand the content

- the 2 noise elements sounds way to long ... a 1 second sample can look as short .. but it can give a drive to your final production

- try to find a musicbed who fix with the content, a bed who makes it possible to make edits on a "specific" sample (hat, beat etc)

currently it sounds as the start of your musicbed is thrown in to each VOX part and is cut to each end of a VOX part

- I would even prefer that you don't use any bed at the start untill the end of the first noise element ... the start of your music bed at the start of your second VOX part can replace the current SFX element


Operational :

Every musicbed is made by using loops, so somewhere in between they are able to get an edit (cut) and this rule is also the same to the end of a musicbed ... so the end can easily be edited (added) to the right beat section of the sample .. that way it looks as the bed fix perfect to the text content .. and that way you don't need anymore a SFX element to finish


Hope this was usefull

PS : to Me your voice sounds pretty cool

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Hi Leaf,


Check the attached file.

Thats what I mean with editing "samples" - You hear 1 bed but cut into different samples - including a start and end ...

All samples mixed together gives the attached result

Let's see if this sounds better.

PS : I made also some edits to your voice part and added some effects to both your voice and the noise samples


Hope you gonna like the result :biggrinthumb:

Feedback is welcome (Y)

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