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need as much help as i can get...

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don't know if this is the right place to post this but tried in another section and its kinda dead over there


Ok guys i am brand new yo this whole thing.so please feel free to walk me threw this as if i am a 3yr old.


let me give you a little background info first.i run this internet station here in the Bronx, NYC. but me and some friends/artists want to take this even further. we play only our local artists 24/7 because we are part of this movement where its not supported by the big stations here in the USA.we wanted to start this little local station on the Radio (FM) so at least broadcast for a radius of 2 or no more than 4 miles to cover parts of Bronx and Manhattan. we kinda been reading online and it sounds like its impossible to do this the legal way without having thousands of dollars to spend which we sure don't have.from what we have read online the Fcc doesn't really want anyone a permit to broadcast specially here in NYC.


so my questions are


what are our options ?

can someone please explain what part15 is in simple terms .

is part15 something worth us looking into ?

what can you recommend us to do as far to get into the radio legally ?

we just wanna be able to broadcast online like we are doing right now and also be able to be heard on the radio locally here in NYC so what u thing is the best thing for us to do..


please remember i am brand new yo this whole thing.so please feel free to walk me threw this as if i am a 3yr old.

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You can do this legally and use FM, but it might be a bit of a logistical nightmare.


You can buy several part 15 fm transmiters and set them up to cover different sections of the bronxs. With the population density as high as it is - you could reach a large audience even if you just coveried a few blocks.


You could try to find stores willing to host your part 15 transmitters - in exchange for advertising on your radio station.

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i see , many people tell me part15 is not really what we are looking for since it doesn't really provide much range. like i said i am brand new to all this. would you recommend us to use one of those sites that help out with the process and all that ? or is that just a waste of money ? what would you guys do in this case, since we are talking about NYC
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