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Need a dirty comedy show?


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Hey All!


I'm pretty much looking to whore out my show haha We archive the show every week, and we're looking to have the recordings run on different stations.


Now, I have to be clear on this, the show is definitely NOT for everyone. You need to have a pretty sick and disgusting sense of humor to find what we broadcast remotely funny. There is also a pretty good amount of filthy language involved. This ad isn't geared towards everyone. But, I'm putting it out there, because you'll never know who might surf upon this site.


You can take a listen to our archives on thebjradioshow.com to see if it's for you. (We also accept hate mail, so if you're offended, you know what to do.)


IF you happen to be interested in working together, we do 4 45 minute segments. I would send you the show weekly, in those 45 minute segments so that you can run whatever you'd like in-between. We ask for no monetary compensation, or anything in barter. It's completely free. Only thing we ask for is a banner/page dedicated to the show on your website. We will do the same in return, as to cross promote.


The reason we need to do it this way is because our live content is solely provided to our current network, and we cannot multi-cast. So, this is the next best way to syndicate the show.


All interested parties: please send your inquiries to info@thebjradioshow.com and we can discuss everything right away.


Thanks everyone!



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