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Looking for a Chatroom

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Anyone have any suggestions on a Chatroom I can embed on my popup player?


I would like it to have the abilty to just run it (PHP) on my server so people could sign up and reuse a user name. but if we could just do something where people could put in their name and start chatting durin the show would be great.


What do you all use?

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We use a chat box provided by Xat. The chat itself is hosted by Xat & you add it to a page. It took up less station resources and I was still able to make it look a part of our station site.. Many of our DJs will play "chat games" during a show for points & over all winner will win a screen saver.. It is free, though there are subscriber options we just don't use them. Any of our listeners/chatters that want to they can.. I've opted to restrict our chat to "members", (a moderator or owner makes them a member as they enter).. There are several control options you can use - Colors & background for the chat box itself, grant or remove moderator status, grant or remove other owner status, members, subscribers, save chat history, boot/ban power & such.

Private chat & animated & non-animated smileys, (you'd be amazed how many ask for these!). I added a copy paste chat "cheat sheet" for our users.. Registration with Xat is up to each chatter they can or not as they wish..


As a new person/guest enters they enter with a "cutesy" name we ask them to change it to their reg screen name, (& tell them how)when we make them members.

Most are able to keep their name once they come & chat with us.. The big exception are those that use "cleaners" on their systems. One of my DJs uses one and I have to "re-mod" him each time he "cleans"..

In all its pretty easy to use..


If anyone would like to give it a try IM me on yahoo, (add the yahoo name in my profile), and I'll meet you over in our chat so you can give it a test drive..


Sorry to be so long winded just happy to be able to contribute!



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we use irc on the storm irc network

and have to embedable chatrooms

1 java and 1 flash


you can sign up for your own channel and embed the java client into your site -> http://www.freejavachat.com/setup.html


or try some flash based irc clients :






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