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OK One more. Critique and Criticism Wanted!


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Hi Leaf,


You are improved since your last post (Y)

I like them both very much ... but (there is always a but ... lol)

- your first cut has some noise samples who are still a "bit" too long, make them shorter .. and you gonna feel the experience of the right drive

- the production of the second one is what I prefer the most !!


As an advice I would like to say ... make a search to some new SFX elements.

You can create wonderful effects, breaks into an ID or promo ... by using "bangs", "wooshes", "drums" etc .. The impact of them is even better and that kind of SFX elements give Me the feeling as they are "floating" on the production

Check the website of Sound Ideas http://www.sound-ideas.com/ ... That way you gonna understand what can be added to general production cuts

Thanks for sharing and good luck :biggrinthumb:

ps : still double check your "panning" and "volume" of each ID

but you are on the right track ! (Y)

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Thank You Leaf ..

Wonderful :)


About Sound Ideas ... before you buy a hard drive ... check their complete website .. they offer LOTs of material

They sell also "several" types of hard drives with all different content


Its a good idea to order (for free) their demo ... it can be done at the website ... This demo contains ALL current available cuts, loops, beds, sfx and much more + a sheet with written details about the content

Important is :

After you made an order of the demo you gonna receive personal "feedback" from one of their members .. and Monthly you gonna receive updates with some important new offers ... and "yes" the offers are great ... for example = buy 2 receive 3 etc

Please use to their services a "valid" email account of your own ... for example your privat account


PS: at their website you can listen to previews of all offers

Good Luck and keep Me posted :D


Update :

This hard drive offers also a great selection :


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