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vo please if you what to have a go :)


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Hi All,


If anyone has a bit of free time and wants to have a crack please feel free.


Will rep as always and hopefully return the favor sometime.


Thanks so much :biggrinthumb:




:voiceover: This is the music vault. Playing the music you want to watch.


:voiceover: KICK another one bites the dust.


:voiceover: Subscribe to the Vault and become a friend.



Thanks Again



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Wow Frank.. how do you guys do that? I really want to learn how to do stuff like that, rather than merely voice over. It certainly adds pizazz to a plain voice!

My choice? Both sound great, but I really like the second

cut with theJohnny's voice first. It is more upbeat, if that was what you were after.


Can't wait to hear what you do with the others.

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