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Embeded intro file

johny c

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Hi Guys , I need your help again.

On my web page have have an embedded intro file. http://ragfm.com

Is there a way to make it only play only once or not play again for an amount of time.

I dont want it to play again if you go to one of the other pages on my site and then return to the index page. Can this be done?


RAG-FM 107.7 Raglan New Zealand & ragfm.com

........"Top Music Top of the Dial"

Click HERE to listen to the RAG-FM radio stream

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Hi Johny,

Well thats easy to do with a very basic html code :

loop="1" stands for 1 play only

as the script tells .. your file gonna run as "background" file only without the use of embed or visible player

you can use it also to start WAV, wma etc files


Insert the code to your "index"- aka "home"-page only

- open your index by using "notebloc"

- insert the code on top or bottom into the

.... section

This will make that your file only plays once when visitors enter your website or if they return to "home"


Hope this was usefull :D

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Oeps :)

so there was an error into the communication ... LOL


A code I don't have ... but what I do is both crazy but also simple

- You add the code to your index

- Copy and paste your index page and rename it as "home" and delete the code from the "home" html content

- Change the redirect of your home button (tab) from index.html to home.html


To the visitors it looks as they return to the first page but in fact they are on a similar page who gives the same content and tools as the index page :)


Hope this is a better idea than my first proposal :)

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