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A few drys for Broadcasting World!


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BW needs a few ads so people can play them on their stations!

the script is as follows:

----------SCRIPT #1--------------------

Broadcasting World is your #1 site for internet broadcasters, podcasters, and voiceover artists! we have all the tools to get you up and running like software, scripts, articles and tutorials! cone join! its free! just visit http://www.broadcastingworld.net

----------SCRIPT #2--------------------

This station is supported by http://www.broadcastingworld.net, come join! Free tips, articles and support for broadcasters!



thanks! many +thanks :)

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Hi James..


Ok 4 Dry...4 Produced...hope they are to your liking....If stations want something more Specialist using BW then forward them to the forums please...Ok!...


2k11 06 VOX El Mero Mero Radio (Saint) - ID 02 (Watermark) - by GK.mp3PROMO_1_BW_2008_DK.mp3[/attachment:1xkd50fi]


2k11 06 VOX El Mero Mero Radio (Saint) - ID 01 (Watermark) - by GK.mp3PROMO_1_BW(DRY)_2008_DK.mp3[/attachment:1xkd50fi]


2k11 06 VOX El Mero Mero Radio (Saint) (Watermark) - by GK.wavPROMO_2_BW_2008_DK.mp3[/attachment:1xkd50fi]


2k11 06 VOX El Mero Mero Radio (Saint) - ID 04 (Watermark) - by GK.mp3PROMO_2_BW(DRY)_2008_DK.mp3[/attachment:1xkd50fi]










Glad to be of Service!!!..


Enjoy My friend!!...



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