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Help Me Please

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Hi Toxik,

First of all .. welcome to BW


If you need a full ID pack you can contact one of the VOs

Check this page at BW :



If you need a DRY liner please write 1 or 2 specific lines who gives the voice-over members a "clear" idea of what you are in search for ...

example :

- liner 1 = first text content ...

- liner 2 = second text content ...


This makes it easier to fellow BW members to reply to your request

Good luck !

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I just want something that has some heavy background tunes and says something about You're listening to Toxik Tunes Radio...you can just take it and run with it lol...i'm sure you're creative, anything would be great! Thanks!


Here is a watermarked sample of your request, I'd be happy to complete the work for the price i sent you let me know if your intrested.




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