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Free / Open BSD


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I have been using Linux for several years and totally enjoy the freedom it has to offer, not to mention all the great free software.


I decided to take a spin with FreeBSD 8 release candidate 3. I was very disappointed. Granted it is a final release candidate, I was not very impressed with need for configuration and tweaking to get things to work on my laptop.


I took a chance and gave the latest stable release of OpenBSD a spin and was totally amazed. The installation process was smooth as silk and installing software from the packages was a snap. I was not required to tweak this or add that to get the sound or x server configured properly. OpenBSD's biggest selling point to get people using it - is damn near absolute system security. Another selling point is they have done a lot of re-engineering to get software drivers within the kernel to work with hardware. For a laptop that is a task in itself - and I love it. Granted, there is not nearly as many software packages or ports available for OpenBSD as there is for FreeBSD - but I can go back and add FreeBSD emulation to make use of any FreeBSD packages I may want to use.


I guess I am a confirmed Uber Geek, now that I have mastered the Infamous OpenBSD :biggrinthumb:

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