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TOH Pal Script


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Hi Jarred,

I'm the guy who made those sticky PAL topics :)

Thanks for using it !

A TOTH is meant to be loaded "on" the top of the hour at all time


If you are not willing to do this, than you can use a regular PAL script (example : PAL for jingles) who loads your TOTH from a specific directory and you add the time of that specific PAL as xx:59:49 as ipTop ... This means that your TOTH gonna be played right after the current playing song ... however in general after the "real" top of the hour ..

But thats up to you


For other scripts link to this BW page for part 1


at the bottom of it you can link to part 2


In general you can load your TOTH as written on top of this by using your Event Sheduler ... it gonna give the same result as a PAL for jingles


Hope this was helpfull to you

Good Luck !

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Just thought that I would bring this back up, because I had been looking for something that does just what it says and NOTHING more. Every other TOH, has different things that go on within it and it's kool, if that's what you like. But I wanted a TOH that plays a station ID at the TOH or if there is already a song playing at TOH, then directly after that song goes off. Found this over @ LoudCity. Not sure who put it together, but it does just what I need. This script along with the Interval Overlay Pal @ BW, work wonders together. I just need to figure out how to configure the Interval Overlay to only one case and not 3. GKIye, Hopefully you can assist.


I just changed the time, which originally was at 59:00 or something like that. I set it to: 00:00 and I referenced my own CAT, where the TOH ID's will load from.



PAL.Loop := true;

// Station ID at the top

CAT['Top Of The Hour'].QueueTop(smLemmingLogic,NoRules);



-- JE


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