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Windows Media for a Paid Stream Provider

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Hello everyone!


I'm working with someone right now who is operating a stream provider for businesses. Long story short, he MUST be able to authenticate stream access, and he's asked me to help him with the tech side of things.


I've been looking at Windows Media Streaming, which began with me investigating the Sirius/XM Online Streaming systems.


They use windows media streams, however, when I view source and properties of their listen pages, the source is something like this...



(Temporary Stream Link from Sirius, you'll notice it doesn't work anymore)


What I find, is that the link works for only 2 or so minutes, or until I close the window. I can't use it to open the stream (in browser or out).



So, my question are, what is this method, how does it work, what is a reflector, and is it an efficient method?




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