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Hey Guys... What do you all think of this?


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My avatar? I created it to use for my branding image. Think it does the job?


I got creative last night and thought to myself, I can do this!


So do you think it works?


Please check it out on my website: http://www.thisvoice4u.com


I value your opinions. Branding is so important for vo. It is what people instantly associate with your voice. So it is important to get it right. Which is why I have been struggling with it for months.

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Hey thanks guys, I really appreciate and value your input.:kiss:


Alas, I cannot get rid of the blue at the bottom, nor can I place anything on it. It was a godaddy template that I adapted. Not a lot that I can do about that one.


edit: now I just need to get decents demos up.... and I'll be sweet as!


Cheers Guys!

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From one Kiwi to another kiwi. Great. Well done and it's wonderful you can fulfil a dream and finally have a shot at voiceovers.


You have a nice soft sounding voice and I'm sure will be a hit. I think New Zealand English when spoken properly has little or no accent and sounds cool.


I like the Kiwi but think she needs a bit of a face lift and make her genderless.


At the moment you are promoting the female side of your business. I would suggest you think to the future. You would be able to sub contract a male, or children to do voices. I know a few broadcasters here in NZ and could possibly link you up.


Marianne Coleman-Hipkins has a nice 'ring' to it as well.


I could draw something up, scan it and email it to your website.


It could take a week or so as I'm busy on a constructing a tv set to shoot some Christmas songs on.

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