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Ya Know, I've Never Introduced Myself!


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I feel like a jerk now! My name is Josh. CEO Leafpile Broadcasting Group Inc. and I'm figuring out Voice Over Extraordinnaire! With some help from some really great friends here at BroadcastingWorld, I've found my true potential for imaging. I find that every minute spent on BW! is a learning experience, and really... ALOT OF FUN!!!! I've noticed all the great people here on BW! Always willing to lend out a helping hand, always there for support when you need it. And always there to be blunt and honest when asked to criticize imaging I've done :) I really appreciate this forum alot, and to be honest, I've never really ever been this active on a forum site at all! I encourage all my friends to join up, broadcasters or not! This is a fun filled place, and I love every minute of it. Thanks everyone for making this the best place on the net to be!
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