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Swistry Peer-to-Peer streaming


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Found another OpenSource project seems it not listed here:





Swistry is a 3rd generation Peer-to-Peer streaming system that supports live audio and video broadcasting over the Internet.


This software was developed by the Distributed Computing Group at ETH Zurich and is still under ongoing development.


In order to watch the stream you need a media player (we recommend VLC version 0.8.5 or later), Java SE 5.0 as well as a good Internet connection.

To determine your speed, try one of the speed testers here.


The system consists of a couple of sources which broadcast different streams or stream-qualities and a lot of peers which form an overlay network to distribute the content. Peers are supposed not only to download data from other peers but also to provide their neighbours with the requested data. All this is completely being hidden from the user to allow a very simple user interface.


Since it is written completely in Java we support basically every operating system that runs a Java VM (which most new OS's do).


See 'Getting started' for details on how to get started.










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Hmm... This sounds interesting. I will have to check it out sometime.

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