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Can any of you generous people here help?


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Hi guys...


This is a cap-in-hand post.... I am asking for help, not for me, but for some very sick wee kiddies in hospital:


I have come to the decision that I cannot control what is happening around me in my life, with my husband, mother, or other family members dealing with health issues at the moment.

What I can do, is control how I look at and deal with these events.

Focusing on things that bring ME joy and make a POSITIVE difference in another person's life, is something that I CAN do in the midst of all this turmoil and change. Something that gives me a measure of certainty in uncertain and tumultuous times.. something that makes me smile, and helps me to remain grounded and focused.... and did I mention brings me joy?



One such thing is a very special charity for sick children in hospitals at Christmas time. As an ex nurse of 30 years, and having spent a good part of that time in Pediatrics, I can tell you from first hand experience what a difference little things make to some ill (sometimes desperately so), wee kiddies.



With that in mind, I was thrilled yesterday (and it was a tough day, emotionally for me yesterday, until I received the news), when I heard that a kiddies story I voiced and produced was accepted to be part of a very special Christmas effort for sick kids... Check their site out:





This is a very special effort from many different people involved in different areas in the voice over and music industries, from talent to producers.. And it makes such a huge difference to these kiddies.



Can any of you help out with funds, so that these cds can be given out to more kids who could really use some cheer? Currently they have the amount at 2000 cds, but it is not enough to fulfill all requests from hospitals!



A $30.00 donation will purchase 10 cds that can be given to 10 children.

Even a $3.00 donation will give just 1 child a gift they will treasure and hold onto.




Please help if you can. Most of use have or had wee kiddies, imagine if that was one of yours in a hospital bed at Christmas.




Dig deep people, I know you can help.




Together, we all can make a difference. Who knows but this gift could completely turn a child's life around... give them the strength to fight their disease, or illness, or recover from their surgery.


Children are our future... I am truly honored to be a part of this choice effort.




I would love it if you could find it in your heart be a part of this also.



Thanks heaps in advance.



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Adding my voice to Kiwiborn. Seems we frequent similar halls of broadcasting. I, too, was honored to be part of the line up for the 2009 CD and am thrilled that kids will have the opportunity to gain a smile and a bit of inner warmth from the words of a few voice artists. Give early - and often. lol


Merry Christmas. By the way, I think BaaBaa is working on some Christmas stuff I helped him with - bet is shows up soon.



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