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Full List Of Radio Automation Software


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I know it's already been mentioned in this thread, but http://www.rivendellaudio.org - This is a fantastic professional & robust automation system, which best of all is free! Linux only though :(


If you got more money than sense, or like us were lucky enough to buy the entire contents of a closed down radio station for a few pennies I'd highly recommend Enco DAD (http://www.enco.com) - Used by many networks here in the UK (TLRC, UTV etc) - Very robust, and perfect for automating every single event in your day. Although, replacement soundcards can be VERY expensive as they're realtime Mpeg 2 decoders.


It's also touch-screen friendly, and has GPIO interfaces for taking news feeds (IRN etc) - Though, the support is expensive at around £1000 per year, and it doesnt come with any playlist management software, you have to get that seperately :(

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I can attest to DAD from Enco being a pretty awesome play out system. I use it at the station I work at.


We're not using it to its full capability, and eve though there are things that we do at the station that we probably could automate with DAD, it handles what we do with it pretty damn well ^_^

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We have five over the air radio stations all using Zara Radio; I have tried and used others like:SAM 3, DRS 2006, Sonicart Winamp with SQRsft crossfader. For the price; Zara Radio can't be beat, and of all the units so far it's about the only one worth paying for. I have run Zara on computers running XP with only 128mb without a glitch; and old computers resued from the junk yard; running WIN98SE down to 350mhz all glitch free.


Even our transmitter shack studio has Zara installed and running as a back up to the main studios. Playlist are already built up for each format; including jingles and liners just in case.


A friend of mine, went for the pay version of Zara Radio and found it still needs to be debugged a bit. It also requires allot more horsepower to make it fly; so those homeless computers running 98Se or ME will be of little use.


Three Ten Radio sounds great; not your standard issued radio station. I just heard a song that I have not heard in decades.

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I use the KWDautomation system at the moment, just because of its great compatability with Icecast (BIG THANKS to the KWD team for putting the time and scripting into making it work for me)


Ok heres how this works, just roll with me on this.. VERY SLICK.





Your typical log-in screen. You will be given a custom log-in depending on what you want to do. You can setup account access for station manager/DJ's/owners.





You will be redirected to this screen upon logging in. Dont get overwelmed, this is just the status of whats going on air and the progress of the song.




How easy is it to upload content? Select the folder you want to upload to (seen on the left) Then hit the browse button. Select the track, upload it, and your set.




For DJ's: Want to do a show, but dont want to deal with re-arranging your music? Clock wheel makes this easy. Just drag the tabs from the right into an order that you want your clock wheel. Save the Clock wheel.




Dealing with the content is MUCH more easier in your music playlist as well. Do it all through your folder. You can even set a voicetrack in your edits to play before or after a song (In case you want to say the band is on a tour, or whatever)




What do you do with the clock once you schedule it? Simply select the block you want your show to air at.





So no more streaming from homes needed, no more stream drops, no more headache of worrying how to edit song data.



You don't have to set up the server for relays, it just sends it right from the server. Multiple bit rate options as well. SO, host with the same host, but just use their automation. A VERY nice setup.






See all those + signs by the songs, you can add content (announcements) ect ON THE FLY!





Hows that for a cool concept? Also has optional FTP for quick bulk song uploads, if you dont want to use the GUI.

KNSJ.org / 89.1 FM San Diego
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Ok, you use it too, so I got a question for you...


On the filler feature, what do you usually add in there? Do you just leave different chops of samples and level them out? Or do you put in some ambiance? How do you integrate that for use. You got to fill me in sometime.



If I could find some DJ's that will stay consistent, this program is a lifesaver. I have had TONS of people ask to DJ, but their schedule never pans out, They don't know how to function without SAM correcting their mp3 adjustments, or just not interested in the whole storyline bit."


Its like they ask ,"What do I need to stream?"


I tell them ,"NOTHING, do you have Mp3gain and a mic? Thats it"

KNSJ.org / 89.1 FM San Diego
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We still have some old fashioned automation around

here; like this bundle of joy.




But our favorite is still Cute


Much easier on the eyes! And has that live sound!

Just added DRS2006 to a computer running Vista; now I remember what I don't like about it: No Drag & Drop! We run a top of hour newscast that's delayed by an hour to keep things tight; with Zara Radio we can just drop the file in the play list or schedule it. With DRS2006 we have to run it through the audio manager; one big hassle.

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Theres radioBOSS



or if youre on a MAC, Radiologik.



and then of course if you want to get into really expensive area, you can go for something like










which the big stations use ;) however, the sound cards alone cost ridiculous amounts...

I use AudioVault at work.

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Well I can tell you now, when using NexGen, and AudioVAULT you don't need the super expensive sound card unless you're gonna have a console with it, I use a Sound Blaster Audigy SE with my NexGen and it gives perfect results and perfect mixes, cause it creates 3 digital channels within the Audigy for me.


I highly prefer NexGen over all other softwares, even Jazler is a pain in bahookie and I have the full version

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