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The future of corporate radio


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I want to show you the future of radio – Clear Channel style -- for the year ahead.



Clear Channel’s encore to Repeater Radio (local radio dressed up as national or syndicated programming) appears likely to be Repeater Sales.



It's a mad - headlong rush to destroy the radio business and the music industry.

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It's very very sad! Has evolution of mankind meant that greed and more greed means more than creativity, imagination, originality.... and more importantly enoyment and FUN are to be no more?


I wish I had a time machine and could go back to a time whwn everything was evolving, and not dying!


At least I am old enough to have seen some of the good times!


More money then you NEED, doesn't make you happy!!!

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Thank You!

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Already, the typical radio market is losing to the Internet broadcaster in large numbers.


The corporate pundits can continue to rant about the expected death of Internet radio and television, however the facts point to another outcome. Internet radio and television / video continues to grow.


The Internet will soon be the universal thread that links the world of entertainment and content distribution - without the masters of the corporate domain to "guide" our use.

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