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Ok guys... here is my Radio promo demo


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It can be fixed if you have the dry vo's and the backing fx to remaster it other than that i don't think it can be as it would have been rendered together.

Sorry thats just my opinion but it really doesnt sound bad

You mean the first production piece where Marianne says something what I really can't understand too? I was just thinking because I produced the next ones from that, if you mean the first. :)

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Look I apologize to you all.


It is very hard communicating like this and misunderstandings easily arise. The last thing I want is for anyone to get hurt feelings.


I simply wanted to share the complete demo with you guys, because I was so thrilled with the work you all had done on it!


To me it is totally brilliant and I love it!


And I think you all are such a wonderful group! It was a wonderful day for me when I stumbled upon this place.


So thank you all :kiss:


edit: You are totally correct about that Frank. and it is the first 30 seconds that make the cut or not!

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Its cool marianne.


when we give our opinion its purlely construtive to help you get the best out of wht you do

I remember when i uploaded my first demo for critisim and the replies i got were harsh but honest for example Darren altman wrote this:


On the first clip you need the music and voice balancing as the words get somewhat lost, also ditch the naff reverb, it makes you sound dated.


Then it goes onto your next clip and the voice level drops considerably.


Next your jingle and again the effects on your voice make it difficult to understand. Never compromise the words/message/clarity for tonnes of effects.


Then your character... what the hell are you saying??!! You must make the words clear mate otherwise it's a pointless excercise.


On the next clip the voice level drops again and your voice sounds rather flat IMO


Onto your next jingle - it sounds dated Frank! Loose the echo!! Check out radio imaging and get an idea of what current effects and sweepers are being used to give a current edge, sorry but this sounds dated. Copy what you hear on radio stations and you'll get there.


Finally your last clip. What???! I don't get this mate.


Sorry if this all sounds rather frank Frank, but I was typing as I listened. You DID ask for positive critisism! To summarise. Make sure all your levels are the same on all the clips. Then NEVER compramise your words/the message for effects and reverb, think how a producer, ad agency or client would listen. They'd be furious if their product name was lost!!


but it was all so true

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Oh wow! he was brutally honest... But, that is the thing about being in this business eh!


You need to be able to take it on the nose, deal with it, absorb it, learn from it, and move on!


It is all good in the end, if it makes you a better performer, or producer eh!


I posted one of my first vo demos on a professional vo site.. oh wow! that was a very humbling experience. I asked for the truth. I got it! hehe... Not dissimilar to your one.

Hurt my feelings for a few days, but, I learned a lot from it

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Sometimes, when I render the production together, and have to boost the voice, I just simply re say the word OR phrase that needs a sound boost, and match it to the original one..its a quick, kinda ghetto, way to easily fix it :P



Not the greatest, but good enough haha




Jon Bova


"Successful people have libraries. The rest have big screen TVs. - Jim Rohn"

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