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Hi All,


If you are new to the voice-over business and want to start marketing yourself here are a few useful tips.


Step 1 Marketing


In order to market your voice successfully and land Voiceover work, you have to see yourself as your own business. This means that you should do everything for yourself that you would do if you were starting your own company. You are the busniess; your voice is the service. When it comes down to it, marketing yourself isn't difficult -- it's just a matter of getting your

voice out in front of as many people who are likely to hire you as possible.

Before you begin marketing yourself, you have to know what kind of service, or voice you are marketing.


Go back to basics and design your approach. The first step is to write a mission statement, which is a basic description of your business. It can be as simple as, "My mission statement is to provide clients with superior voice overs in a timely fashion." Many of the most successful businesses have the simplest mission statements.

Step 2 marketing


The next step is to hone in on your vision. This goes back to projecting your image as a professional Voice over talent, whether you have ever been paid for a gig yet or not. Your vision will give your mission statement legs to walk on. For example, a good vision for the mission statement above could be, "Quality voice-over work is produced digitally in my home recording studio within 24 hours. " The purpose of the vision is to keep you on track, as well as keep you concise and articulate about what you do so that you sound professional when you are talking to potential clients.


Just as your vision keeps your mission statement rolling, your value statements will make your vision happen.Commit to buying that last piece of studio equipment, finesse your voice over website, dedicate some time to mastering Pro Tools or whatever your choice of software is, or follow up with past clients-- identify whatever it is you need to do in order to market yourself more successfully, and write it down! Only you will hold yourself accountable in this industry.


So, now that you've devised your plan, or revamped an old one, you are ready to sell yourself. Be clear with yourself and clients about what they can expect from you, and don't be afraid to go back to basics months or years down the road when you feel your ready to change.


And finally, value what you do, know that you are worth it, and everybody else will know that too.


Good Luck



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Very good advice. Im not a VO but I do marketing things as well, and I like the ideas.

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