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Do you use skype?


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Hi Gang...


Hey JD...firstly Welcome To Broadcast World Buddy,Skype...,mmmm!!!..Not particularly fond of it,edited a demo recently for a guy,quality is there,I am Sure someone can help you,however if u can afford a couple of hundred dollars,you could always buy yourself a Telephone Interface,also known as the TBU...How exactly you would use Skype I do not know,in conjunction with Software...or Radio Automation Software...I am Sure there is someone on here that could answer your Question...



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I use skype on almost all of my shows, the key to a good skype connection is to have it on a seperate computer from the one you are DJin on! This will minimize/eliminate the skype echo. I take a lot of request calls during the week, and take live calls during my show, and once in a while I do a conference call with a bunch of people. Its a lot of fun, and will bring you more regular listeners.
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Hi there!


My first post for Broadcasting World.


I have used skype on several occasions and it's a fantastic piece of equipment to chat to callers on!


Can recommend it 100%!


If you want a clear programme which is easy to use then Skype is your best bet!


If not, TBU would be the next best option for you! - But if you looking for something affordable then Skype is the way to go!


Take Care!



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