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Sam broadcaster

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Hi I am new here, and new to sam broadcaster. For the mod, I have sen other sam relted posts in here, so I guess here is the place, sorry, if not.


I have been in radio, hospital, for a while, so no where I am with a real mixer etc.


Now on the winxp box I am trying to use sam on, 1.3 ghz, 1gb ram. All is fine, but the laytency on the mic... well how do I go about stopping it please?


Also, where do I get a copy of the user guide. Forgive me, only started trying to use it this morning.


Finnaly, how do I go about streaming to my Icecast server?




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Hi John, if you haven't already, go introduce yourself in the introductions forums and introduce yourself :)


To answer your question, each computer is different I have found. You will have to play with the mic buffer settings a bit until you get it sounding good for your pc. A good way to test this is set up an encoder, without a stream, and allow it to save to desktop. That way you don't have to broadcast LIVE to test it.



Hope this helps.



Jon Bova


"Successful people have libraries. The rest have big screen TVs. - Jim Rohn"

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