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Business sued for illegally playing music


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Rapper Jay-Z is suing Spot of Tea in Downtown Mobile, Alabama . It's part of a larger suit by Universal Music Group against small businesses around the country.


According to a federal lawsuit obtained by News 5, Jay-Z and five other plaintiffs are suing the restaurant for illegally playing their music.


The suit says that owner Tony Moore doesn't have the right to play their songs in his restaurant or the nightclub around back called Club Insanity.


If you own a business and you have a radio OR music playing in the background - be afraid - very afraid - the record police will sue you into non existence !

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What I find amusing about cases like these is the fact that it is usually an well established artist upset that they arent getting more money for somebody promoting their work and not charging the said artist for the promotion! All the local/indie bands I have talked to over the last 4 years have been "Here, please play it!" Some bigger names has said that to me as well.

Jay-Z is most likely doing it to keep his name in the news. Seems like when most artists "hit it big" they care more about how many times and not the context their name is heard in the news.

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