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Dry VO Required - (for DJ Set)


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Hello All,


Hope you are well. I've formed a DJ duo and we're looking for vocal talent to supply a few DRY drops for music. The music style is electro house, the audience; 19 - 25 year olds. As a result, we would preferably like the following vocal style:


- Sexy, Self-Assured, Cool

- Perhaps a slight Echo / Reverb

- Perhaps a whispered Version of each Read and a non-whispered version


The vocal will be dropped during the musical breaks of songs and just before dropping a transition. Whilst we are looking for non-paid artists at the moment, we may very well require a more regular paid position if we are successful in an application to one particular student nightclub.


Here is an example of the kind of music we will be playing to give you a flavour: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u08ANLfWAH8


We'd really appreciate the following reads:


  • Jordan Dolan .. In the Mix
  • Rory Thomson .. In the Mix
  • ..Influx..Feel the Music...
  • Influx .. Your Music, Your Station, The Best in Electronic Dance Music
  • You're listening...to Influx

Any help that can be given to us will not be forgotten. We can promote your services on many flyers across Preston, UK and the University Campus.




Jordan & Rory


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All I can say guys is 'Thankyou so much!'. Really pleased with both and we will definetly be incorporating them into our sets. Thanks for your time.


@kiwiborn - The dry reads our going to be played dry over music and will not be produced as such. Due to copyright restrictions, we can't send you copies of our sets unless cleared by the artists involved. However, we would be happy to pop your website on any flyers / posters we pop up and if we do have them produced, i'll send them over to you.


Thanks again all :)



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Just a quick word of advice, dont say a voiceover is 'required'. Use requested.

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