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so, what is YOUR Favourite Christmas record?

Arfa B

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Such a hard question.... but the whole Phil Spector album for me is EASILY tops!!!!


A true piece of magical production!!!


My two personal fav's in 2nd.

DARLENE LOVE- Baby Please Come Home For Christmas....


but the one in first place - that melts my heart is

THE RONETTES- I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus!!!





By the way, if you are scared of Santa- do you suffer from Claustrophobia?:retard::biggrinthumb:

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Thank You!

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I am a grinch! I hate Christmas... Hubby is getting such a buzz out of me doing christmas vo work, when I can't even stand the season!.. haha. But to me, work is work. ;)


Having said that, there are some very nice non-traditional christmas songs around.. I grew up on mummy kissing santa..

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My favorite traditional Christmas carol is "The Fist Noel" but it was difficult to pick just one! I have many fond childhood memories singing in church with my dad. My favorite pop song is" Christmas All Over Again" by Tom Petty and the Heart breakers.I really like Celine Dion's Christmas cd called "These Are Special Times" great singer with great holiday and christmas selections.
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