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You power: The decade’s new media revolution


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Most of us can’t get through our days now without being reminded of technology we didn’t have or didn’t use in 1999. But as we Tweet via our BlackBerrys or watch the latest viral video from the YouTube application on our iPhones, we may be taking for granted just how much media developments have affected our culture and transformed our lives in the past decade.


"What has happened between the beginning of the 21st century and now I think is the most profound part of the new media revolution," says Paul Levinson, a professor of communication and media studies and Fordham University and the author of "New New Media." “In particular, what makes these newer media so important is that it turns the consumers into producers.



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Well yes, it is ...

important is that it turns the consumers into producers.

A small decade ago everyone became crazy about "Big Brother" editions on TV

at that time We're looking daily into the life of somebody else

Today We almost allow everyone to be and to take part to Our daily life by using the many apps as possible

I guess that people in general never had lesser privacy than these days ... and I think, that fact gonna increase into the upcoming years

As human being We are still living into a house behind close doors ... but in fact all windows are wide open ;)

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