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Is the UK now a police state?

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Many of us have heard the news that certain extremely high up members of our wonderful UK government were formerly members of the Communist party here in good 'ol blighty!


Well, this little movie shows just how serious - but stupid, things have become in the 21st century!!!


Yep, the Stasi have taken over in the UK!


Free speech is being blattered, and it gets worse!!!


Please note that the Radio Station this video is about, I was once a member of in its days as a pirate- and very proud of it too.


It applied to get a license to go on the air legally quite a few times, but was refused.


IT DID become legal in the end, only because it bought out the failed station that got its license (wrongly) in my opinion!


Will they EVER leave poor ol' RJ alone- I think not!!!





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