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Guess I should tell a bit about myself. Interned in radio many moons ago in Pennsylvania while in high school. Did bit promos over the years while I worked in the manufactoring business for the last 15 years. And am now unemployed, which isnt all bad cause now I can get back to doing what Ive always wanted to do; VO!


I have a very deep voice but need to hone my skills while building a resume. Im studying in Chicago and soaking up all I can about the business. Recently built a sound booth in the basement and am looking forward to trying it out for anyone needing some work.


So, if you want some dry reads, let me know. Im not much of a producer though. But it seems there is no limit to the help the folks here will give so Im sure anyone needing help will get it here.


Nice to meet you all and looking forward to interacting with you.

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