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OK- Now I accept no more personal donations!!!!

Arfa B

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I have decided that money donated to me will not save my life, make me feel good, or change my existence in any meaningful way.


But, it can help save the last remaining 4,000 tigers left on this planet!

I quite frankly despair at the greedy and "take, take, take" attitude of the human race!


The Homo Sapiens seem hell bent on destroying everything around them, and it makes me both angry and sad!


There are currently less than 4,000 Tigers left in the world, and less than 150!!!!!!! (yes 1-5-0) in Nepal- and if you wish to donate anything to me for helping you out- please do it in a real and meaningful way- and donate here


The same link will now be permanently in my signature!


Thank you.


If I have helped you with a Freebie- please be kind enough to add a link from your own site or blog to mine- thanks! http://arthurburton.net


Thank You!

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I have been contributing to a non profit organization this past year that is for the same cause! YES, the human race is destroying the natural ways of our planet!!! Good man! Let's save them tigers!



Jon Bova


"Successful people have libraries. The rest have big screen TVs. - Jim Rohn"

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