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The Prime Krew

Austin Prime

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I haven't been really looking for affiliates for our show much because I wanted to get a stable star to our show. Now we're out and looking for affiliates!


Format: Top 40/CHR

Hosts: Austin Prime / Magic Matt

Website: http://theprimekrew.com

Show Delivery: FTP and notification via email

File Type: Four 1 hour segments (54 - 56 mins each) 320 kbps .mp3

Featured on stations such as: HitzRadio.com, Star 104, Star 107, The Geek, Wawasee Radio, and Malisson Radio.


We are looking for serious stations that are seriously interested in airing our show. No min. listener requirement. We just look for stations that care about how they are presented!


Cost is free to air our show.


Please send quires to austin@theprimekrew.com


Thanks for allowing me to post this on your forum. :)

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Seraph has a dynamis schedule system, even if it is through allakazham.There are some people that will do shout dyna's, or there where when I still played a few months ago, who would disrupt certain schedules.Otherwise there was rarely any problems with people stealing zones unless groups were just straight up assholes about it, which was very rare, and those groups never lasted long.They showed him no instant respect, so he ignores the system.
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