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More Charts The Record Labels Don't Want You To See


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We've already discussed the research on the UK music industry that shows both that live revenue is more than making up the decline in recorded revenue and that musicians themselves are making more revenue than ever before. Some people have suggested that this is a UK-only phenomenon, but a worldwide study found the same thing as well. And, now it looks like the same is being found in Sweden as well -- home of The Pirate Bay, which we keep being told is destroying the industry. Swedish indie record label owner Martin sends in the news on data from the Swedish music industry, which looks quite similar to the UK data. First, it shows that while there was a tiny dip in overall revenue, it's back up to being close to it's high, mostly because of a big growth in live music.



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The record labels need to STFU! I have worked with a local indie record label and 90% of the income comes from ticket sales for live concerts and merch. The label I ran for a while.. I had 4 artists under me and I STILL made decent money off of them. I would organize their concerts, order their merch and stuff like that. The record labels make plenty and just need to shut up about the pirate bay. No matter WHAT, there will always be music sharing done illegally lol, there is no way around it.


Thats just my point of view.



Jon Bova


"Successful people have libraries. The rest have big screen TVs. - Jim Rohn"

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