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Requests Please


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Hi All,


I wondered if someone could please help me with the following. It would be good if you could add sound FX but dry also would be fine.


'Your listening to Decades 5 with Lee Robson. We play all the hits across 5 Decades plus new and unsigned artists like The Swank, Little Ricky, Shaun Rogerson, Pax Baldwin, Jorden Jansen, Seven5Seven, Mark Klein and the list goes on and on. Check out our website http://www.decades5.com and add us on myspace http://www.myspace.com/decades5. Decades5 bringing life into your computer'


Many thanks



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Hey Rossy


Thanks for that.


On 2 of the names you say them wrong.


Shaun Rog-er-son

Mark K-l-e-i-n in this one the e is silent


If you have problems then you can drop that name


Many thanks



HI Lee...


Well,some names can have a double barrel meaning as we know...but i think i got this Bang on down both Barrels!!!.. :upz:


Dry Liners...Yes I will Produce some for you,check back later and see what i come up with..you can always check out my Demo here at BW..or go to My Soundboard(link In my Signature).And Hear what i am capable of Producing!!...Cheers!!...


Let Me Know if you want them Frequencied..or just as they are?




Enjoy The Audio...


Glad To Be Of Service!.



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