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Play Radio Uk bites the dust :(


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Play Radio aka No Pay Radio

For those of you that remember Play Radio UK LTD.


Sadly this Station folded owing its staff lots of money...


some of the management started another Station called Play Radio, they are currently using equipment bought by Play Radio UK.And the thought is this equipment should be sold off to pay those of us that are owed money.


but Play Radio have washed thier hands of the whole thing leaving its staff out of pocket. So Sad



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If I had a penny, LITERALLY!!! Lol!

The number of times this happens in the radio industry!!!


Talking through bitter experience, and not about Play Radio!


You normally get to the stage when you can sense it's going to happen! A third sense if you like, it is usually not too difficult, payment when you start is usually on-time, if not up-front!

And every month payment gets more-and-more delayed!


Talking to others in the industry, the pattern is always much the same.


I have two ways of looking at it.... one is people should always be paid for what they do- but, if these entrepeneuers never give anything a go, then there will never be new projects!


I always thought perhaps Play was too much of a pipe dream, trying to emulate what Clear Channel perhaps are doing in the USA.

I know with modern tedchnology this is much easier and cheaper than it once was- but, there are ways to do it efficiently, and ways to do it maybe a little extravagantly!

Having said that, I applaud them for their efforts, we need more of this sort of adventurous spirit in radio in 2010, and I am saddened to see them go!!!


Take note!



Like any new business venture, it is all a gamble- but, having much personal experience, maybe I am not so "gung-ho!" as I used to be, mind you- with the right backing.... I have the right ideas!


I've just run out of money, that's all! LOL!:retard:

If I have helped you with a Freebie- please be kind enough to add a link from your own site or blog to mine- thanks! http://arthurburton.net


Thank You!

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