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Happy New Year Produced Beds 4 You


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Hello :kiss:


I made some produced music beds :

- time : between :15 and :23

- all beds have a "Happy New Year" shout

- all beds have a "firework" effect

- each bed has a different "style"


How to use ?

Easy ... listen, download and mix your station ID, dry liner etc ... into the musicbed

No need to manage the volume setting of the musicbed ... the produced files has to fix perfect with your mixed liners ...


Enjoy and Happy Holiday Season to Everyone !

ps : a rep or thank you is appreciated :xmassmile:

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Hi guy's, I was thinking of making a liner or jingle for new year in different laguages. I noticed that there are several different nationalities from different country's in this board, if all of you send me a short liner (not produced) in your language or (english)dialect so I can make one and put it on our board to be used to everyone on here.

How does this sounds, it maybe wont be perfect but it would be someting original.



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