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Critique request


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Hi Bill


Thanks for the demo you have send by PM

I promised to be back in about 1 hour :) ... so I did

demo for BLU

I'm back !!! ... LOL


I have 1 most important critique to you !!!


I LOVE IT !!!! :yes:


ok to you and Arthur ... What have I done :

- I normalized all sections of the voice (adjustement to 1 volume level)

- Played around with some parts of your liner

- I did "not" added any EQ aka general voice EQ

- I only made a small EQ adjustement to the frequency range section from 640k untill 20K by using a "Gentle High Frequency Boost"

Operational it means a straight line between the frequency 640 and 20K


The result can be heard into the attached file ...

- it contains some of your dry reads

- some produced parts

- in between seperated by a test tone


I'm sure We are getting there ...

I see one other improvement who can be done ...

Watch out for a "to" strong P and B sound as in BLu into blues and blu and as in PLaying in playing

The strong P and B gives a bit of to much boost to those small parts into the liner.


I guess also Arthur gonna be satisfied so far and fellow BW members can check your improvements so far ...

From Me you get a = THUMBS UP :xmassmile:


PS : the test tones at the end are a free gift ... lol

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Hi Bill,


I can only back up what the others have said.. With a few additional comments. If you are clipping then you need to either stand back a little or turn down the mic volume. One thing that stood out for me, was your timing and rhythm when speaking, specifically in the first radio drop.. too slow...

The narration certainly was better, but really, it is only practice. Most of us here have been doing this for years, in one form or another.

Don't beat yourself up about it. I do see some improvement from the beginning.




(btw Harry.. nice set of pipes you have :) )


edit... I just heard the blues one.... very nice work!

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I think it has impoved GREATLY! Congrats! One thing I'd like to point out, which I had a problem with when I started, was running on words and not taking breaths.


It sounds much cleaner if you speak normal pase but pauses when needed :)




Jon Bova


"Successful people have libraries. The rest have big screen TVs. - Jim Rohn"

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