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Merry Christmas


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Merry Christmas!


Great having you here! :xmassmile:

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Merry Christmas to everyone as well.


So many "forums" and portals have the greatest intentions, but soon fail miserably due to conflicts and egos. James has done fantastic work in providing a place for the Broadcast community. The moderators have done a wonderful job with providing guidance and help.

The greatest asset that Broadcasting World has is people and every one associated with Broadcasting World deserves a gold star for their efforts.


One last thing, you don't have to be a moderator or a staff member to help Broadcasting World. Tell your colleagues about this place. If you like writing, write some product reviews or interview people from the broadcast field. Contact independent artists that want their music played. Contact independent video producers that want their films broadcast. E mail local independent radio stations in your area and invite them to join Broadcast World.


Three Cheers For Broadcasting World :rockon:

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