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looking for a online dj positon


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im looking for a online dj job i would like to start thursday night must be censorship free im willing to play a disclamer to warn listeners that my show may contain materal of a adult nature im looking to work thursday-saturday i like to play metal and other types of music i perffer to get paid but it isnt required im willing to dj just for the fun of it looking for a station where i can get atleast 50 listeners more the maryier the software must be allready setup or be willing to help me set it up shoutcast is a huge plus but sam will be fine also if your intrested please contact me @ jimbeam237@safe-mail.net thanks for your time looking foward to working with you happy newyears!!
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Hello stonersmurf,


Unfortunately I'm in no position to help you, as I don't run any stations, however I would like to kindly give you some advice having done Internet shows myself over the years.


It is good that you know when you are available to do shows, however most stations will most probably put you where they have space in their schedule.


Payment, Software and Listeners, many Internet stations don't tend to pay their presenters, as they do it for fun, which is great as you've said you don't mind doing it for fun. In terms of software, search around this website and forum for some software guides. And for listeners, it's great having 50+, but even broadcasting to smaller numbers can be an advantage!


Perhaps you would also like to introduce yourself in Broadcasting Worlds own forums (Under the Introduce Yourself section) before seeing if people would take you for a job. It's a great way to get to know other members, as well as a way for people to get to know a little more about you, especially people who may be considering hiring you.


Hope all of this advice helps,


Good luck :thumbup1:




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Next time when you do post a job, I suggest you do it a little more professionally. Your "resume" is one big sentence, and personally, I wont even read it (and I havent so far) if it is not properly punctuated, etc.


Just a word of advice.



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Maybe a link to a show you have done would be helpful also. I know we don't take on a DJ unless we have have listened to their work beforehand.


Unfortunately we don't have a station that does metal. Also, most stations want you to bring a listener base with you to augment theirs. I went the route of newby DJ's once and gave them slots with 600+ listeners during their shows. They all seem to loose interest and quit. We went to Viocetracking and just do various shows during the day so we don't have to deal with it anymore. LOL


Good luck to you. Internet radio is very fun and rewarding. You will learn a ton more than you really think. I know I have. :)

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My advice to you is to just start your own station. What your trying to do is basically like walking up to a potential employer saying "I want this and this and this etc.". If you truly want freedom, get your own station. Thats my advice :)



The station I work for, and pretty much all the respectable stations don't just give you a slot with hundreds of listeners. I got started on a day show with maybe 20-30 listeners, now I'm at an evening shift with 2000+. Its a long process but is QUITE rewarding in the end :)



Jon Bova


"Successful people have libraries. The rest have big screen TVs. - Jim Rohn"

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Stonersmurf, there are DJ poistions availble right now at Spazzradio.com if your intrested in DJing and have your own music and a Sam broadcastor already on your computer than talm with Shannon (Shea) , or The Fatm,an about a poistion they have slots availble on the spazz station and the spazz country station also.
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DJGomez, no offense bro, But after reading his post, you might want to be a tab bit selective on your DJs.


Professionalism is the key, and getting someone who knows what the hell they're doing is essential.


Think about it.

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eHow: Make a Resume for a DJ position.




I don't know your age, and don't really care. Although I am only 14 I have co-run a few stations for a few months in my few years, as members have said before me, I can't stress it enough, Professonalism. Read these:

1) I hesitated reading your paragraph (if you can call it that) the formatting was horrid and hard to read, try to capitalize a few things, and add some ' in some places. It's really not that hard, I'm sure my baby cusin could do and understand that.


2) FORMAT! Have you ever read some text book about something really boring? Thats what reading your 'paragraph' is like. It is hard to grasp and understand.


3)Again to deal with format, you asking for a time on thursday, then you jump to what kind of music you play, then back to your time. It's confusing :confused:. It's like me saying:


I have a dog. My dog is over in the nieghbors yard with a collar. He's a dog.


... Doesn't really make sense, right?


4) LOOSEN your demands, although you go: I want this, but I can get that. People don't like that, you get what you get.


5) Be specific. You say you want to be paid, then you say you don't really care if you do. If you want to be paid, say it, stand up and say it with pride. And you say you have mature material, what do you mean by that?



I personally, a 14 year old, would not hire you.



The main part of getting a job, that roy has said:

Professionalism is the key, and getting someone who knows what the hell they're doing is essential.

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