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new from X1FM in San Diego, CA


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Hello everyone! I've just found this forum and I wanted to introduce myself. My name is Prentice and I am the morning show host on X1FM.COM which is an internet radio/ TV station in San Diego and I hope to use the site to network. Feel free to check out my links and show content at X1FM.COM


talk to you all soon!

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Hello good sir !


Welcome to Broadcasting World and I hope that you can learn lots of great things here.


I would give my next life to find a unique opportunity that you have. Unfortunately some people in the business world just don`t realise the potential of Internet video. I have marketed in a 3 state area for promoting Internet video, and people just look at me and say what about YouTube.


I have even pitched around the idea of setting up a "Pirate Radio station" for coffee houses, cyber cafes where people could sign up and be a DJ for a small hourly fee. But again, people just have this blank stare and ask why would I want to do that ? Well gee, if you get people in the door, with their friends they buy things. Rocket Science 101.


Good luck and keep on streaming !

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