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Well, here I am after the little row with the station and now need a new one.


I'm an older guy looking for an online station that will allow the creativity in which a presenter can do exactly that...present. I attempt to put together an entertainment package that just may resemble the old days of folks gathered around the old Victrola waiting for their latest edition of a radio show. I work hard in putting together my own sounders, sweepers, comedy bits and more. I purchase my own music legally and play what I consisder, tomorrow's next star. The music is mostly indie with some pop and rock thrown in. All NEW stuff though. That is what I'm trying to present to the listener, NEW music.


I'm available in the evenings during the week. Almost anytime during the weekends. I'm unavailable on Thursdays until the end of March.


I broadcast through a Soundcraft EPM-6 Mixer, Alesis Compressor/Limiter, 3 MXL-V63 MICs and we use Sony MDR-7506 Headphones in the studio.


I'm intimately familiar with SAM 4 and SAM DJ.


My preference is a legal station that will allow me to stay creative and put together a show that is entertainment. I prefer not to play requests. I'll even kick in my share of the required royalities on the songs I play.


I'm a hobbyist and would love to associate with a station were I can learn and assist the station in moving ahead.


Unfortunately, I don't have any aircheck of my last station but you can find recordings and videos of my work at www.stickam.com/cptsparkle


Thanks for any consideration at all.


Wayne aka: Cptsparkle

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Have you thought about recording your show and uploading it as a podcast so people can download it and play at any time.

I'm not up with podcasting sites, but some of the others here may be able to help you with that.

The plus with doing it this way is you don't have to work in with broadcast times and you wont have to play requests.

Hope this helps Capt

RAG-FM 107.7 Raglan New Zealand & ragfm.com

........"Top Music Top of the Dial"

Click HERE to listen to the RAG-FM radio stream

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Hi Johny c,


Yea, I thought of it and do like the idea. I'm actually listening to a podcast now my the Mothman, a fantastic indie show located at mothpod.com


At the moment, I want to continue to experience the issues and problems we face as DJs even though I'm a hobbyist at this. I really don't think I can get better or be able to converse with authority unless I start at the bottom.


I've already started there and believe I moved up one notch already. As everyday goes by I think I get better at this. Of course not to mention the great and knowledgable information I receive on this forum.


However, like you said...a podcast is very interesting to me and I am going to do some research tonight. My concern is of course, DMCA compliance.


Thanks mate


Wayne aka: Cptsparkle

Now looking for a home

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I've been podcasting Indie music for almost 3 years. What would you like to know about it?


I suppose I could tell you about the podcast. It was originally called The Unkle Bonehead Show then morphed into Local, Loud and Proud now evolved into just Loud and Proud. The Unkle Bonehead Show was syndicated on The Den (now a fully automated music only) Local, Loud and Proud was (and reruns still) on The Bush Radio.net (my first show on The Bush crashed his server, he loved it.) and now Loud and Proud is on RFC Radio.com. The show has remained the same format the whole time. I play music that I want to play and say what I want to say. I love it to say the least. At one point I had 2500+ subscribers during the L,L &P days. Long story short I had a flood in the dungeon(studio) and lost my mixer and desktop. The wife and my best friend hooked me up so I could continue and now here I am waiting for 2 more months for a better isp and I can take my show live. But it will still remain a podcast.

As for the music I play it is all Indie Hard Rock and Metal. I get submissions from Music submit.com, Music Alley.com(formally podsafe music network) and Garage Band.com. Music Submit is the best because bands pay them to submit it to you. (Internet stations can use it too) and you dont ave to be the one to sift through all the stuff that sounds bad to find te diamond. They send it you. I also get alot of direct submissions from local bands from all over the world trough myspace. I have never paid a dime for royalties this entire time because of these free services and the direct submissions.

I have shamelessly promoted over 500 bands trough my blog and podcast. While my blog crashed a few months ago I am still working on getting the previous posts reposted. I used to use libsyn.com to host my shows files but I have learned enough about wordpress and my server is good enough to handle the traffic now so I host it all on my own site. It gives me a better view of my stats now that I control the RSS feed. What people need to think of when the word podcast is thrown out is that it is a time shifted show or conversation available when the listener wants it.

Dont think that I play Indie stuff to avoid paying royalties, it is my choice to play it. The whole reason I started was to help out the true rock stars. The ones that are out there every day writing and practicing and out there every night playing their hearts out for the gas money to make it to the next gig. In my mind they are the true musicians and artists of the world. They are the ones doing what people like me and my listeners can only dream of doing.

BTW my site is UBSNIf you want to take a listen. Warning it is hard rock and metal and I am a Conservative who speaks my mind.

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Sorry Cptsparkle. I didnt mean to go so long winded earlier. I just thought that if I shared my experience with podcasting with you that you might look into it more. It is really great because not only do you gain an a faithful audience you also make it easier to be on multiple stations. I personally think that for individuals such as us syndication is going to be the key in the forseeable future. Not only does the public want to listen or watch something but they want to do it when it's convienent for them. Not many people will rearrange their day to day life to listen to a particular presenter or watch a show. Thank you TIVO! (sarcasm intended) It's all about the time shift.
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Morning all, I did land a position with a small station.


Thanks to all you guys for the guidance, words of encouragement and assistance. It is much appreciated.


Unkle, I do lean towards podcasting in the future. I agree with some of your points towards podcasting.


As for us "niche" people, I agree with you in that this may be the future for us and others who could possibly be better off through syndication.


Thanks again all and have a great New Year. Started mine out with a new station. YIPPEE!!!



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