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Marketing / Promoting / Advertising Your Staion

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Making a very attractive and interactive website. The station I work with currently has nailed that feature in the @ss! http://www.DistortionRadio.com - Starting off by going to concerts and offering to help bands hand out their flyers, but also give out flyers for the station ;)


I know whenever I go to concerts, most of the bands are my friends so I put my flyers with their merch table. There is also craigslist, and other sites you can advertise, however...the best advertisement is word of mouth! :)




Jon Bova


"Successful people have libraries. The rest have big screen TVs. - Jim Rohn"

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Not running a station myself, but having worked on stations who market and promote themselves (As they all do), here is my side of the story


As was mentioned earlier, social media will be a big way to market and promote your station in 2010. Whether it involves updating your schedule or on air information via Twitter, or gettling your listeners interactive via Facebook.


The station I used to work on still uses Twitter to this day, and each show has a Facebook Group or Facebook Fanpage, where the presenters and management interact with fans and listeners.


It has also recently created its own YouTube channel, and this has been used heavily during recent events, where all the presenters get together in a central location and broadcast shows, and fun features filmed for online. This a great way to market your station visually, as it'll give those who wonder what the presenters look like a chance to put a face to the name etc.


What you do have to make sure though is when using these social media websites, is that you always link it back to your stations website. For example, instead of saying "Visit our twitter page, twitter.com/ourpage", you can direct them to your website where a twitter feed is embedded, and listeners will then be able to follow the links from your own stations website to follow you on Twitter, or become a fan of Facebook, or watch more videos on your YouTube Channel.


But above all, the content on your website, and your websites appearance is of the upmost importance, especially if your station is only available online. First impressions count, and if listeners like the look, feel and content of your website, and can easily find the "Listen Live" button, then that puts you in good stead.

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