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iPhone Radio Stream?

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I found a easy way to Create a mobile player for iPhone, Blackberry and Android. Very easy, you do not need to know html or coding.


I dont have an iphone or blackberry just been to shoutcheap site and made the free app it gave me this link > http://www.shoutcheap.com/mobile/Cannon Radio and said tune in with this link from your phone. Could anyone give it a try just to see if it works or not Thanks ..

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Great to see they have ripped off our site which we launched a couple of weeks ago :)




We are pioneers, but its quite flattering to see that we can be copied in such a short space of time! Glad you aspire to be just like us shoutcheap!


Edit: Just noticed they have also ripped off our terms and conditions! UBER COOL! :D

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I made a try out with the shoutcheap tool

Check yourself if you have any luck with iPhone etc etc


Keep Me posted if you have any luck :D


Hi i check you link with my iPhone (http://www.shoutcheap.com/mobile/GKInternational)

and works, looks like the server is linux and linux is case sensitive thats means you wrote GKInternational with 3 capital letters so you have to type that in your iPhone.

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iRadio, by Conceited Software, just received an update which brings it much closer to being a valuable i phone app. The app is basically a SHOUTcast player for the iPhone that allows playing and browsing of thousands of online stations. The app works best under WiFi, but is not limited to it, and does work while using EDGE. There are still many quarks to be worked out, but for the most part, we are impressed with this early application.
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