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Help with Aircheck


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Hi Friends!

I'm a new radio broadcaster who has only been presenting on online radio stations. Currently there is an opening at a local FM Station. I'm inquiring on applying and I need help with an aircheck.


Below attached is some samples of me on air with a radio skimmer. If anyone could help me build my aircheck and make it fantastic, I would really appreciate it.


Broadcastingworld Community has always been great on providing tips and I want to say thanks to all who are willing to click on the audio link to help me out.







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A few pointers in putting together an aircheck. You want the first thing the reviewers hear is your VOICE, instead of 3-4 seconds of music. They generally go through a ton of air checks and you want to grab their attention with your voice. The bits sound pretty good, no complaints there...just try and make everything flow, with no dead silences.


I have actually worked with a few clients recently and produced an air check for them, pretty reasonably priced if you'd like that...but if you do the production yourself, make sure it flows and your voice flows. You don't want music over sounding your voice.


Good Luck! :)



Jon Bova


"Successful people have libraries. The rest have big screen TVs. - Jim Rohn"

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Hi Roy,

I agree with JB - I should give you the same explanation

In general it sounds pretty good ... except the silences etc


PS : Please note to upload into the future to the BW server itself and "not" to a 3rd party provider such as zippyshare.com - once on that page ... popups all the way

Solution : during writing of your topic, see "manage attachements" and upload upto 5 files (MP3)

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