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Just some ideas to make your requests operational at your website by using SAM :

- did you added the IP of your website into the "allow" list at the config of SAM ?

- did you "enabled" requests into the config > request section ?

- do you use the /requestproxy/ at your website ? This makes it possible that SAM communicates with and from your website - when requests are made

- did you wrote into the FTP root section of SAM your website domain name or /wwwroot/ or anything else ? /wwwroot/ works the best


If all answers are "yes" than you simply have to click "generate playlists" and at your website you gonna be able to make requests. Into the "request policy" you can adjust how many requests can be made in a particular amount of time.

Be sure that your website is hosted at a fixed IP, if your website is using a dynamic IP you have to add all IPs into the "allow" list + the name of your website as www.name.domain or http://www.name.domain

Check by yourself manually if all playlist pages are on your website .. if not you made a fault into the FTP section of SAM


Check my sticky topics part 1 and part 2 at :


Please be sure to follow the guide lines who are written into both topics, concerning : registration as broadcaster, link to SA, ...

If you are looking for more details about PAL etc ...

If you are in need for a request proxy you have to make a search at the SpacialAudio website


Good luck !

If you need an example, check the banner at my signature

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