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RadioGet = Listen Online And of course it's legal !!!


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Hello poor broadcasters,

Hello rich listeners ... :mad:


Fellow BW members, all Our problems are solved from Today on !


There has been launched a new mediaplayer type called RadioGet

- users can listen upto 25.000 stations

- record tons of great music for free

- users can even "discover" new music

- you can select stations (read music) by genre "and" artist

- you can shedule your recording of music

- record several web radio stations simultaneousely

- record songs from web radio as mp3 files and you have "no quality loss"


All You need is RadioGet !


Is this great ? Or is this GREAT ?!


O Yes ... important detail :

Believe it or not ...

Did you knew that "... of course it's legal" ?


Is anybody talking around here about "royalties" ? :no:

Has somebody of the broadcasters problems with "streamrippers" ? :no:

Is this a shame and blame to us broadcasters ? Hell YES !!! :yes:


check the source : http://www.radioget.com/


Please share your reply ... :helpsmilie:

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The site misleads a lot with this claim: no quality loss


Picture: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_ycZvUsEUK_I/St38TZa0VWI/AAAAAAAAABA/zcUuY2_5tMA/s400/compressiondiagram.jpg


There are always quality loss when there are station processing (compression, eq etc..) and MP3 encoding.


Compression decreases the dynamic range of the sound. Equalizing corrupts the frequency range. This leads to the change of the original recording and quality loss. Usually most of the stations use station processing of somekind. I don't ban the station processing myself, but it usually does what I said above. I use station processing too but I wanted to say few points.


MP3 is not a lossless format so it will decrease the quality when compared to the lossless formats. (WAV, FLAC, Master files etc...)


Hopefully they are trying to say that the audio will be recorded similarly as it's heard on the radio.


- Joonas - hi-fi freak who hates compressing and eqing in other things. (except broadcasting)

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Thanks so far to everyone for making a reply


Eric and Joonas,

Did you installed a demo of that software ?

GK and the first thing that programm is asking with a pop up "Auto recording?"

You can even choose which artist you want to record and then it's ignoring all the other artist

Indeed Ajruss ... it looks that everything who is illegal to broadcasters "gets" legal if used by regular users

To Me the content of their website looks the world upside down ... isn't

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I just downloaded the original version from "Giveaway of the Day" site the Dutch version of the site and that came with registration. You just can download the software for 24 hours and the day after it's something else.


I just want to see what this software can do, for me it's not right that they build software to rip our streams but like they say "know your enemy"

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