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A Few dry lines please


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Hello everybody,


Firstly thanks to everyone who has put up stuff to share on the forum, absolutley great site, and one I will be staying with. Will hopefully be adding some bed and fx at a later date.


Now for a favour,


Can anyone please voice the following for me please.


1 - "From The Heart of Buxton To Right Across The World"


2 - "You're listening to DJ Minky"


Thanks to all who may reply.


Reagards John

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I'm absolutely no VO-pro, this is even the first time i submit something, but i gave it a shot, maybe you like it :)


2 dry's, and 2 where i have played with a little chorus effect. Comments (also from the pro's here) are more then welcome.

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aeolus my freind, the vo's were wicked. absolutely brilliant.


the diction is going to work brilliantly with some production underneath it.


Thanks you very very much, I'll let you have a copy when I have put some production to them.

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