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2010 And Your Station

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Well....beceause I started a few months ago I still have to work hard on my station but first I will have more hours with a dj, it's not going to be easy to find dutch speaking dj's who will take part of a all country music radio station.


For me I'm going to buy me a good mic and practice on vo so I can take more part in this forum.


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Well for 2010, I did some and have the rest in the works...


New Servers

New Site

Chat Room on Site

Iphone App

New Promo Gear (3oz Shot Glasses)

More Advertisment

Bringing in more programming

Planning more events.


I am egar for an iPhone app for BW, all the developers are too expensive and never reply to me! :no:

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Plans are going great here at RAG-FM. I now have someone doing my country music slot on Wed's. Now I wont have to fight to stay awake, not that there's any thing wrong with country music. Its just that I'm a black tee-shirt sort of guy and if the music's too slow I tend to nod off.:sleep1:

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Well I'm Not Saying I Have Any Goals For A Station Cause I Don't Own A Station. I'm Just A DJ For One But I Would Like To See Myself Concentrate More Along In Country Music Radio Broadcasting Instead Being A Rock N' Roll DJ/Announcer. I Mean I'm Not Putting Rock Music Down But It's just Not My Thing I Said It Once And I'm Not Afraid To say It Again I'm Country Boy At Heart. I Was Born And Raised Listening To Country Music. My All Time Favorite Country Singer Is George Jones. I Would Do Anything To Be Into More Of A Country Music DJ Then Doing Rock. No Offense!!!
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Here are going to be my improvements. :thumbup::clap: but keep your lips sealed tIll I LUANCH IT



  1. A brand new or used mixing board
  2. another microphone to go with the mixer

  3. a annoucements section for bg radio net website

and that's it seeya later everyone.

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