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How Many Voiceovers Can I Request?


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I've was just reviewing the free voice over request rules and I noticed something. You know how we tell people some times they can only post one request?



Well if you read the rules, this one stands out (to me any way).

How Many Voiceovers Can I Request?



It states: We recommend a maximum of three in one request, and only one request at a time. If your voiceover has not been made, feel free to bump the topic after a week.



I think the “maximum of three in one request, and only one request at a time”. is confusing people.




Because we tell them only one can be requested. Even I'm confused now after reading that statement. :)



So I think that line needs to be changed and examples placed there as well.



Something like “One line per post”



You listing to name and station name



or “Three lines per post”



You listening to name and station name



You rocking with DJ name



The hottest station on the net



This way people know they can post 1 request or the 3 lines per request.


I could be wrong, but like I said it seems to be stating two (2) different things at one time.

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For a part I agree with Bill


The meaning of 1 request is equal to 1 topic once a week

To new members it means that they first have to show some input before asking (introduce section, etc)


I agree with you that in general 3 in one topic is right if it is meant as "3 lines"

Sad but true is that many new members or people who are passing by at BW understand 3 lines as equal to a chapter of a book :) lol


Your statement can be a positive input to James ...

Ask James what he thinks about it ...

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On the subject of requesting things,


I wonder if it is possible to let new members not see various forums until they've reached the limit of posts they need to make before they see it?


I think there's one (I can't remember off the top of my head) where you need to make about 5 posts before you make a request for a voiceover. I know this particular part of the forum has got people who don't bother writing anyhting else, or taking part in topics, and just go straight to that.


Perhaps making this section of the forum "hidden" until members reach the 5 (or whatever it is) allocated posts would stop people from going straight there to request a freebie?


Just a thought :)

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