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Flash Webhosting Questions


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As most of you know, I am horrible at creating websites. I use a simple web builder for my voice over site, however I am really in need of making a flash website. I need something that stands out and looks professional.


My question is: How would I go about making a flash site, with NO experience?




Could someone create or help create one for a service exchange and possibly payment in future?



Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. For reference, my hosting company is JUSTHOST.COM






Jon Bova


"Successful people have libraries. The rest have big screen TVs. - Jim Rohn"

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Hi JB,

there is alot of software you can buy or download that makes it easy to build flash websites, search with google and you find a long list.

These are a few examples:




http://www.webdesigndev.com/flash/learn-how-to-create-a-flash-website (tutorial)

Most of the programms are very easy to work with.


Hope this helps a little bit.


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