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Going Solo


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I'm not sure where to post this, but here goes...


I've been volunteering with my local community radio station for the last 2 years, but yesterday I left (due to disputes, a hopeless committee and a whole heap of in-fighting) - I created a program, "GenerationNext" (http://www.gennextradio.com/next), and launched it on the 1st of this month. Now that I've left the station I'm going to broadcast that online, weekly instead. It's a youth program, with various presenters (myself and other people - some friends, and some that I recruit in partnership with the local council/schools).


It was broadcast 4-6pm Fridays, and I'm going to continue to broadcast it, online, at that time. Although it will be broadcast nationally, I want to give it a bit of a local focus, and I'm going to look for sponsors in the local area.


Now I've come up with a few issues, the first being APRA/AMCOS: I know they've bought out a new licence for webcasters, does anyone know what sort of pricing this licence involves? And does it have a long processing time?


And then, of course, sponsors - as a kid, I don't want to go out and harass local businesses for sponsorship when I don't really have any "sponsorship packages" to present to them - to show them what they'll get. I came up with a little idea of how to get the most from sponsors, and how to make businesses feel secure that their cash will work for them: Since it's broadcast online, I'll charge according to the number of listeners at the time their ad went to air - for example, $0.10 per listener, with a cap of, say, $10.. this way, if no-one hears their ad they don't have to waste their money, and it will give evidence of where their money is going. Also, I'll have other packages - like online sponsor, podcast sponsor, etc, that sponsors can mix and match. How much should I charge, on a per-listener basis? I could compare it to other media and charge a bit less.


And, no, this isn't going to be anything huge - i'm not going to run this as a for-profit venture - the sponsorship money will pay for prizes, promotions, advertising, expenses etc.


I don't know whether I've put my ideas and situation across in the easiest way to understand - but hopefully someone can understand what I'm going on about. Thanks!

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I would love to help you out. IF you have skype or an instant messenger feel free to add the following info to it


If your looking for a home station to work under give me a contact or call.


Skype TheIndieNation

Email; Media@fps-radio.com




Carl Gosline

Director Media Relations

FPS Radio

"What is your frames per second babby?"


Hey Carl,

I've just purchased some stream hosting, and I'm going to test the show out first for a few weeks online - only opening the stream Fridays 4-6pm (the show's timeslot when it was on the radio)



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