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Difference Between Shoutcast and Icecast


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Ok I searched and Searched and can't find any good write ups on the difference between Shoutcast and Icecast. Everyone here is very knowledgeable, so lets get something going.


What are your Pros and Cons between the two? What Features does one have that the other doesnt?



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Some years ago I did some tests with Icecast, it looks easy, great etc

but after making some try-outs I was getting nuts

and yes I received some help from their support services, I even received scripts ... but I was not able to make the right setup

I'm not the most stupid guy ... lol ... but it didn't worked out for Me


For that reason I made the choice to use Shoutcast, it looks easier and more logic to Me ... setup the encoder, connect and stream and basicly as user you don't have to re-write or change the script to get online


my 2 Eurocents :D

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Some other things I have found out...


Icecast is supported with the Wimpy Player, Which is a nice flash based player you can customize and you have a choices from a TON of different templates that you can modify. Shoutcast will not currently work with this setup.


Shoutcast seems to play more nonstop. Icecast plays pretty good nonstop via the wimpyflash player. But Icecast throguh WMP, or iTunes it will buffer every couple of minutes.

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